The Emerging ACES & Future Developers program is an architecture, construction and engineering, and real estate success career preparatory and exposure program designed to inspire and expose young men and women to the opportunities within the real estate industry. Emerging ACES is geared towards those who seek a career path in technical and management positions specifically and who may seek to pursue STEM-based careers in the architecture, engineering and construction fields.

The Future Developers component is designed to provide a total overview of the real estate development process with participants given exposure to project feasibility studies, acquisition financing, permitting, construction financing and all aspects of real estate project development.


Many young people are left out of the traditional college academic trajectory. The ACES program seeks to inspire, enthuse and inform young people of all backgrounds who are witnessing local real estate development and want to be a part of it. Both the ACES and Future Developers program seeks to promote career opportunities by providing professional development tools and mentorship with industry professionals to give real-life experience within architecture, construction, engineering and real estate development.

Some participants may already be working as laborers or tradesman or enrolled in college and seek an upward path of opportunity within technical and management careers in ACE fields. Both programs give participants an opportunity to interact with experienced professionals on an ongoing basis. Through introduction, interaction and engagement, CMC programs seek to be a vehicle for encouraging participation in these areas.

Program Description

Through an introduction to foundational and working knowledge, ACES and Future Developers Program participants will be exposed to the industry in the following manner:

  • Introduction to the Architecture, Construction Management, and Engineering Industries

  • Real Estate Development, including Acquisition and Construction Finance

  • Market Studies and Project Pitch Books

  • Basic Working Knowledge of Architecture, Construction Management, and Engineering Technology through a sample project case study

  • Technological Trends and Emerging Skill Set Needs

  • Field Trips to Project Sites

  • Construction Safety Course

    Optional – Free 30-hour OSHA Site Safety Course

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